Complete VoIP Phone Systems

Trinicom Communications LLC provides hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) phone systems (PBX) for your business in the Houston area. With Trinicom, you can say goodbye to the expense, maintenance and continuously outdated equipment that are part of owning a phone system.

Using the industry standard SIP technology, you are able to take phones to any broadband connection and simply "plug and play". Trinicom hosts the phone system for you, we do all the updates for free and you will never have to buy a phone system again!

For Houston Area clients who require T1 or DSL, we can bundle the package with the Hosted PBX service, or use your existing cable Internet connection. Our fault tolerant 100% fiber optic network combined with traditional switched dial tone carriers help to insure that your important business phone calls will not drop or become a garbled mess! And yes, since Trinicom supplies the dial tone you can keep your existing phone numbers.

Hosted VoIP Phone System Features
  • Port your existing phone numbers
  • 1-800 compatibility
  • Free use of Snom 300 phones for T1 users
  • Free Linux Web Site Hosting with 10 emails for Trinicom T1 Customers
  • VoIP with SIP enables Plug and Play phone portability
  • Cisco 1700 series QOS router for Houston T1 customers
  • Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Hold Music, Conferencing, Cell Phone Forwards
  • True business grade Extension Based Phone system (PBX)
  • Voicemail to email, Caller ID
  • No Long Distance for extension to extension calling
  • Feature-rich, user-friendly IP phones
  • 911 features available through existing fax line
Hosted VoIP Phone System Benefits
  • Low Capital Expenditure for communications
  • Single source for Internet, Dial Tone, Hosted Phone PBX, Long Distance
  • Great for companies with a remote workforce, tie your workforce together
  • Flexible and scalable system to facilitate moves, adds, or changes
  • Tie in multiple locations to one system without costly dedicated lines
  • No more costly maintenance for traditional systems
Do you have a VoIP Phone system you need collocated? we can collocate your phone server for you for reasonable rates.

Please contact us for a free a consultation in Houston at 713-375-1800 or toll free at (888) 896-1653 or by email at Contact Us

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